Posted by: janpierce | December 7, 2007

K.M. and Jayamani John

img_0605.jpg   In the district of Warangal, in the State of Andhra Pradesh in southern India, lives a couple named K.M. and Jayamani John.  These two servants of God have faithfully ministered to the poorest of the poor in their home area for the past 35 years.  Their work is many-faceted and includes oversight of an orphanage and school for local children, support of many local pastors, a prison ministry, the training of leaders and oversight of the children’s Bible schools serving thousands of children annually, training of nurses, support of a home for the aged, a medical clinic, a seamstress school, participation in a non-denominational women’s ministry, and generally serving the people of Warangal District in the name of the Lord. Currently the orphanage, The Dayanilayam Hostel Project, houses and cares for approximately 250 children between the ages of 5 and 18.  This building was originally built on land donated by a Muslim magistrate and with funds from World Vision. Today it is maintained and operated on a very small budget with funds from AIM International in the U.S., IBOTA in the Netherlands, and various indigenous organizations in India.I named my Teams India blog One Handful of Rice after having a conversation with Jayamani in which she shared with me how she teaches poor local women to save out just a small handful of rice each day as they prepare meals for their family. Little by little the grains of rice increase until there is enough to share generously with another who may be in greater need.  I was so touched by this teaching that I have used the concept as a foundation for my work in India.  I, by myself, can’t accomplish much of value to alleviate hunger, illiteracy and pain in India.  But I can contribute my handful of rice faithfully by the teaching, writing, fundraising and encouraging I am able to do there.    



  1. My daughter Laura Weatherly has had contact with you and the John’s My husbands grandfather was the founder of the Preston Institute Henrich Unruh. Our daughter Laura has been very interested in learning more about the situation there. Is this the orphange that the children sleep on the floor and that you would like to have cots for. I understand that you will be returning to India in January. If we were able to collect some money for cots would you be able to buy them there in the Village.

  2. Hi Jan I got your e-mail I am trying to figure all the connections out are the Johns in charge of the Mercy House Orphange is it the same one where you want to put up the clotheslines. Apparently the Johns have had contact with our relatives inthe past Anna and Cornelius or John Unruh and there son Dan and even came here to Abbotsford. My address for your news letter is #33-2938 Trafalgar St. Abbotsford B.C. V2S 7X5 or you can send it on the e-mail thanks Lorena

  3. Mr and Mrs K M JOHN looting and deceiving in the name Lord

    • I would appreciate knowing who you are. We have lived at Dayanilayam many times. Are you a former student?

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