Posted by: janpierce | December 7, 2007

Nehemiah and Sarah Naik

   Nehemiah and Sarah Naik are a young Banjara (gypsy) couple with three children.  They live near Anantapur in southern India.  They have a burden for the disabled and for widows.  Their simple ministry consists of distributing rice to the families of widows, the sick and disabled so that the families will not be forced to abandon their loved ones for lack of resources.   When the families question the motives for such selfless gifts, Nehemiah and Sarah then share the love of Jesus and His great caring for each one of them.  Small churches are being formed in these homes and the Good News of a loving, caring God is spreading.

Nehemiah and Sarah both train others to lead the small house churches sprouting up all over the area and they now have over 3,000 believers in their house church network. Teams India supports the education of their Master Trainer’s children. For just $10 per month a child can attend a good school and receive life-changing education.


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