Posted by: janpierce | December 7, 2007

The Heritage Hotel

                            THE HERITAGE HOTEL    

  Let me tell you about the Heritage Hotel and my experiences there when I recently visited Hyderabad, India.  The Heritage is at the end of a narrow lane which is crammed full of people, motorcycles, vendors, and lots of garbage.  You can’t really drive to it unless you plow through all of the above.  The Heritage has at least four floors because we stayed on the fourth, and an elevator that works more than half of the time.  It has a tiny courtyard with grass and plants and serves breakfast that is edible if you skip the little bowl of yellow-green soup stuff.  The rooms are fairly clean if you don’t look at the little spider-like bugs in the shower. The sheets are clean but holey, the t.v. doesn’t work, there is hot water for two hours each morning.  They give you little green bars of soap that I don’t plan on using next time to see if that is what made the big spots on my face.  There is a bucket in the shower, towels of questionable cleanliness, and no t.p, in sight.  Every time I plugged in my blow dryer or curling air brush I shorted out the electricity on the whole floor.  The first time this happened my hair was half dry on one side and was sticking out like crazy because the water does funny things to it.  I tried combing it down but still ended up with a rather strange “do” that day.  Roger assures me that next time we’ll stay around the corner at the next level up of cheapo hotels.   Let me contrast my experiences with those of Nehemiah and Sarah Naik and their three children.  This little family traveled all night on a train to meet us at the Heritage.  They stayed in a room on the fourth floor.  They had room service bring their food to them and their children got to taste ice cream for the first time.  They had a bed and not a cot.  All five of them slept together in the bed.  Their smiles lit the place up.  They had never lived in such luxury.  It was the best “outing” they had ever had as a family.  Nehemiah is a church planter in a city south of Hyderabad.  He and his family live on about $60 a month.  They eat rice three times a day and have no furniture but a cot.  They serve those poorer around them.  They distribute small amounts of rice.  They have six other children who live with them, one being HIV positive.  They have a church in their home where Roger met over 50 people, all of them younger than 6 months in the Lord.  Nehemiah goes and plants churches, Sarah ministers to the one that meets in their own home.  They have written to us twice since I got home saying that they will never forget their visit with us at the Heritage Hotel.


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