Posted by: janpierce | December 11, 2007

Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder

Mountains Beyond Mountains, The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer by Tracy Kidder

  This is the story of a modern day man dedicated to serving the poor. Dr. Paul Farmer serves today as a medical doctor to the poor of Haiti.  He has specialized in the treatment of TB and is famous worldwide for learning how to successfully treat drug-resistant strains of TB in Haiti, the prisons of Siberia and in the slums of Peru.  He has raised large amounts of money to build a medical refuge in Haiti in the area of Cange near Port Au Prince called Zanmi Lasante.  As the book unfolds it is apparent that Dr. Paul is a man driven by his desire to fight the injustices that create poverty around the world. 
   The earlier chapters of the book are more interesting and flow more smoothly than the latter part of the book which gets bogged down in the history of Farmer’s organization Partners in Health.  It is however a clear picture of a man who is able to accomplish a great deal in service to the poor by sacrificial living. 


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