Posted by: janpierce | December 11, 2007

Ten Fingers for God, The Life and Work of Dr. Paul Brand by Dorothy Clarke Wilson

The Life and Work of Dr. Paul Brand, Ten Fingers For God by Dorothy Clarke Wilson

   This is a great biography of a man who spent his whole professional life treating leprosy patients in India and all around the world.  He worked for many years at the Christian Medical College in Vellore, India and finished his service in his older years treating leprosy patients in the state of Louisiana.  As a little child he lived in the remote hill stations of southern India with his missionary parents, Jesse and Evelyn Brand. He then returned to his native England to finish his education. In those days it was common practice for missionary families to be separated while the children received their educations.  Paul’s mother, known as Granny Brand when she was later widowed is famous for striking out on her own in her 70’s when the mission boards told her she was too old to work in the field anymore.  She continued to serve the poor in India well into her 90’s.
  Dr. Paul is famous for his research on leprosy and for developing surgery techniques to restore hands and feet of lepers.  He also helped the medical community understand the fact that pain is a great lifesaver for human beings.  When lepers lose their ability to sense pain, they also lose the ability to protect themselves from daily injury to extremities.  This is a wonderful read for those interested in medical missions as is the book called Granny Brand by the same author. 


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