Posted by: janpierce | December 11, 2007

The New Year in India

  This January Roger and I will be traveling to Jangaon, in Andhra Pradesh and will stay at the Dayanilayam Hostel for two months. While Roger works with local pastors and leaders of house churches, my goal as a retired school teacher is to work with children in reading and writing of English.  Some of the children will be from the Muslim community surrounding the Christian compound. 

Becoming fluent in English is a valuable skill to have in India and will enable those who learn it to earn a much better income as adults.  Many of the orphan children come from dalit (untouchable) castes or are tribal people and have very little chance of becoming self-supporting without some skill whether it be a trade, a small business, a service such as nursing skills or computer literacy.  Learning English will help them to find jobs in the larger cities and enable them to support themselves.                                            

  Through the generous donations of used educational materials many teachers in the Vancouver, WA area have become partners in my work in India.  I have shipped many books and other resources to Jangaon and have been able to purchase a listening center to take with me. I am eager to see what I can accomplish with a group of these children in a relatively short time in terms of English literacy.  Their native tongue is either Telugu or one of many tribal languages.  They study Hindi, Telugu and English in school.   Most of the children speak at least a little English and are so eager to learn.  Their world is very narrow and they have been offered so little compared to the abundance we give our American children. Still, they are happy to be safe, fed and clothed and most importantly loved by their caregivers.  I will share my teaching experiences via this blog, the good, bad and the “challenging.”


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