Posted by: janpierce | January 8, 2008

A Day In Tharigoppula

   Last Sunday we drove to the village of Tharigoppula for a church service.  Tharigoppula has a population of about 8,000 Buduga Jangam tribal people.  They were traditionally beggars and still to this day prefer a diet of birds, snakes and rats.  Through a government grant they have moved from huts to small (100 sq. feet) brick homes and have learned to farm rice, cotton, vegetables and to  manage herds of goats.  Tharigoppula is a success story.

There were about 300 people in the service, the great majority being women of all ages.  We all shared a few words of greeting, Roger preached the sermon and then at the close of the service it was time for the offering.  The entire congregation stood and filed forward past a wooden offering box.  One by one the people walked by and dropped in their offering.  The young girls sat in front and most dropped in a coin, probably 50 pais which is half a rupee.  As the wives and older women came by I witnessed first hand the one handful of rice women.  They literally poured cups and small handfuls of rice into the offering box.  One older woman added an egg.  A man came up with a small burlap bag of grain, one baby put in two or three grains of rice, much like we give pennies and nickels to our little ones for the offering plate.  The poorest of the poor were giving their gifts to the Lord.

We went on to visit the home for the aged where we distributed bananas.  And then out through the village to see the houses and herds.  Last time I visited, my heart was broken by the old people with their thin, bent bodies.  This time I will also carry in my heart and mind the picture of precious portions of rice being poured into the offering box.



  1. Thank you, Jan, for that beautiful picture of giving. I’m asking myself “What should I give today?” We are praying for you.

  2. That is so awesome, mom. We’re finially home from our trip and enjoying getting caught up on your blog. Say hi to dad. We’re praying for you.

  3. Hi Jan, So nice to see your post about our village (Tharioppula). I am from the same village, I did all my schooling from that village, It is really awesome that you are travelling to tiny villages and helping them. There is a small correction, there are about 8000 ppl in that village, but all are not tribal people(budagajangam). only 5 percent of them belog to budagajangam. But yes more than 50% of the people are poor(In very poor living conditions). Yes they are got loving people, Though I am a Hindu, I used to go to church with my neighbor, and i witnessed people dropping eggs, rice grains as offerings.

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