Posted by: janpierce | January 14, 2008

True Believers

This morning Roger was to preach at the large Baptist church in Jangaon, but when we arrived at 10:30 we found the service would not begin for another hour. So we drove about 15 km. to a small village to visit the house church there. It is a tiny Christian group in a Hindu village. They meet in a rented room. The tarps put down to sit on are of plastic grain bags sewn together. The young pastor is afflicted with a hump on his back and can’t work. He is given 500 rupees per month – about $12.50. There were 10 women and 1 man in attendance. Only one young woman can read, but each person proudly carried the Word of God in a plastic bag to keep it clean. They know there is truth in the book. We sang and then several gave testimony to things God has done for them. One woman shared that she was so sick she couldn’t work and her husband gave her back to her parents. They didn’t want her either. She prayed and was made well. Now she is back with her husband and has children.
A small piece of land has been purchased in the village as the site of a future church building. The Hindu woman who owns the house next door is telling the villagers that even the shadow of such a building will bring her bad luck. The believers are praying that God will show Himself strong and bring only good to them thus spreading the word of a loving, caring God – One who blesses and does not curse.
We went on to the large Baptist church in town, but I kept thinking about the beautiful, trusting faces in the little house church. One woman said that after seeing us “her stomach was full”. She was satisfied. We promised to pray for them.



  1. Hey Roger & Jan,

    How cool to be able to keep in touch with you this way. Miss you!

    Love, Allison

    P.S. Look forward to seeing pictures.

  2. Wow. “even the shadow of the building will bring back luck.” That gives me some perspective about the kind of thinking that you’re sometimes dealing with over there…

    It’s exciting to hear that you’re affecting people’s lives and providing encouragement to them!

  3. Keep up the good work, Roger and Jan! You truly are on an adventure. Thanks for sharing it! Love, Ang

  4. You have been both in our thoughts and prayers as you spread God’s word. We have been praying for your protection, good health and that your mission will touch people in ways that we don’t expect.

    It is very wonderful to hear of the way God heals people. I wish I were there to see it.

  5. Hi Jan and Roger-

    I am enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for keeping us all updated. I will be lifting you up in prayer!

    Love- Heather

  6. I love keeping up with you this way. I feel like I am right there with you. So exciting that you will be seeing Mike and Sharon soon.
    Praying for you.

  7. Would you know the name of the “large Baptist church” in Jangaon that you are referring too. I am doing some geneology research and am trying to locate a church called Unruhpura Telugu Baptist Church in Jangaon Warangal Dt.

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