Posted by: janpierce | February 3, 2008

Yippee! Teachers live for these moments.

My 60 or so students are just like kids everywhere. Some are sweet and compliant, some are full of mischief, some in their own worlds. We are heavy on action rhymes and songs, poems and fairy tales. Yesterday we practiced dialogues from Goldilocks: “I want some porridge!” “No, you can’t have my porridge!” If I say, ” Speak like Papa Bear,” they are likely to say, “Speak like Papa Bear,” right back to me. I am working hard:) BUT I had a big breakthrough the other day with the 4-8 year olds. I had passed out center materials and one of them was a basket of easy to read books. A little group gathered around the basket and began to look through them. One little boy found an alternate version of the Goldilocks story we’ve been doing all week and as he recognized the characters and setting his little face lit up and he began telling the others, “Goldilocks, Goldilocks.” It was a proud teacher moment. I believe that child made a text to text connection!!! For the rest of that session the children were identifying objects in books, enjoying pictures and actually engaging with the texts. I had to do an emergency lesson on page turning as many of them were scrunching up each page as they went, but in spite of that it felt like a victory.



  1. Thank you for sharing your “teacher moment”. It brightened my day! I love your blog! It really helps us feel connected. You are getting so techno-savvy!

    We are having a Women’s Ministry Leadership meeting next Wednesday. We will go over the notes from the Leadership Retreat and check up on progress for the Ladies Retreat. We are trying to get things done without you but will be so happy to have you back.

    Praying for you!

  2. We think and pray for you guys throughout the day! Thanks for making this site one of my “Favorites”!

    Love ya

    P.S. Remember Dad’s porridge???

  3. Thanks Jan, for the updates! How exciting to hear what’s happening there with you! The children sound so cute and sweet.
    Love you and miss you!!
    Stay healthy!

  4. Cute story. It’s good to stay connected with you by checking out this blog. Today Mary Alice and I pick up Mike & Sharon. I’m excited to hear from them, however, I’m sure they will be tired! Probably sleep the whole way home.

    Miss you! Love, Allison

  5. That is definitely a great teacher moment! I love the part about having to teach them how to turn the pages. What an experience you are giving these kiddos. I love it! Keep it up Jan! You are making a difference.

    Love ya-Heather

  6. I almost felt like I was there witnessing the whole Goldilocks event as I read your description. What a fun moment! I always look forward to reading your blog and staying updated on your adventures. I know that your patience and your calm way of dealing with children will make such an impact on those little ones.
    We are still missing you in the shed. We think of you often and try to imagine what it is like for you over there in India.

    Much love,

  7. Hi Jan, Thanks for all the interesting and amusing updates. I tried to leave a message before but I dont know if it got thru or not. At any rate I think of you often and pray for stamina and direction in your daily activities.

    One of my favorite images was of the dancing. I like thinking about that!!!

    All is well here. Love, Jill

  8. Hey Jan and everyone over there in India, I finally made my way here! Sure miss you guys. We have been keeping you in our prayers. I enjoyed your story. Loved seeing the pictures of your retirement party.

    We will continue to keep all of you in our prayers. G & G isn’t the same without you all!

    It’s awesome to be connected through this page.

    Much love in Jesus, Carmy & Jim

  9. Way to go mom!

    😉 Sara

  10. Jan, it is great to read about some of your adventures. Be gald to see you guys when you return. For precautions though, and to be sure to get Roger out of the country, maybe you’d better put a full length skirt on him – those legs…

    Bless you both

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