Posted by: janpierce | February 10, 2008

The Weavers Village

One evening all of us drove out to the weavers village near Jangaon. Every family in the community weave either silk or cotton into fabric. It was fascinating. We saw the silk in bundles, then the dying process to create certain patterns, how the looms are set up, how the shuttles are wound and the actual weaving in action. It takes about three days to make one sari from beginning to the finished product. The families work to fill government contracts for a certain number of saris per month. All the silk looms are handmade of wood. We did meet one young entrepreneur who has fashioned an electric loom out of wood, metal and a bicycle tire. He was very proud of his invention. There are also large metal electric cotton weaving machines that make a terrific clunking noise and turn out muslin-looking cotton fabric.
As we walked through the village we gathered a larger and larger crowd. We met several old women sitting on their steps and rolling handmade cigarettes. They cut the tobacco leaves, put in some chopped up tobacco and roll them and then turn in each end. They get 40 rupees per thousand, about one dollar. Many homes have Hindu patterns of blessing drawn in front of the steps and leaves strung over the doorways for good luck.
As we left the village some young men who had acted as guides asked us for a dollar bill. At first I thought they were begging but then we figured out they want to post it somewhere in the village to remember the American’s visit.


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