Posted by: janpierce | February 20, 2008

Three Farewells

#1. In India whenever there is a gathering someone must be honored. That means the dreaded garlands. Picture the U-shaped flowers that they place on the neck of the winner of the Kentucky Derby and that is similar to the things they drape over us at every formal event. They are costly, huge, wet and heavy. They hurt. You gotta wear’em!!! Last Sunday evening was our formal farewell from the children. We had to march in (feels like a wedding), and then we were garlanded and entertained with singing, skits and dancing. It was very beautiful and touching.

#2. My farewell to my classes was a la Americana. We sang some gospel tunes that we had used as our opening each day. They rocked out to Ezekiel Saw the Wheel and This Little Light of Mine done in gospel mode. Next we played red light, green light, duck, duck goose, ate cookies and candy and then had fun chasing bubbles all over the place. Everyone was hot and sweaty and smiling from ear to ear.

#3. Our farewell as we left the compound for the last time was two long lines of students making a pathway for us to walk through. We were once again garlanded and then had time to walk up and down the path saying our goodbyes. It took a long time. We have gotten good at signing our love to people with whom we can’t communicate in words. Kind acts, smiles, hands to our hearts have been the way we have interacted each day. It was very hard to leave.


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