Posted by: janpierce | March 11, 2008

Hanging on, Letting go

We have been home for nearly two weeks now and we are both beginning to feel like we’re really here. Besides having the worst jet lag ever we have both been spending a lot of time revisiting our experiences while in India. It is the first time that both of us have had an extended period of time in the alternate culture. We have a lot to debrief with one another before all of it fades into unreality. And that IS what happens. Already the noise, the heat, the routines of the orphanage, the many unique experiences while there are beginning to fade and I have to think of specific people or events to bring up clear images. That is sad to me, but also necessary because there is a life to live here. We have friends and family to catch up with, home and ministry tasks to take up again. Both Roger and I agree that our India focus will primarily be on the children and projects directly relating to their well-being. Sometimes we feel the nudge to give special attention to those who show promise and who need just a small amount of financial help that can make a huge difference in their lives. We met a really great 14 year old boy named Lokesh. He was in my English class and was always the first to arrive always anticipating all my set-up needs for class. I really enjoyed him and began to see that he is a bright and capable learner. Several years back he spent a year in the hospital for “brain fever”. I am guessing that means encephalitis. He nearly died. The expenses incurred while he was hospitalized put his family into poverty and all three boys in the family had to drop out of private schools. At this time Lokesh and his brother are living in the hostel while the family tries to get on its feet again. He began to ask if I could pay his fees for English school next year. At first I didn’t understand that there were fees, but when we realized what was needed and that for $15 per month he can go to an excellent English school which will change his life and that of his family, we readily agreed to add that amount to our monthly giving. Let’s see, what can you buy for $15? A lunch for two at Applebee’s, a cheap t-shirt at Target or a child’s education for a month. The choice was easy. The trick is seeing who God is asking us to go the extra mile for. You can’t help everyone with that one handful of rice, but you CAN help someone!


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