Posted by: janpierce | March 24, 2008


The weatherman says we are now in the season called spring. I love it. Rain one minute, sun the next. Cold mornings, but the promise of new growth and warmth in the afternoons. Lots of rainbows. I occasionally get a time warp in my head thinking it is still fall because my body thought it experienced summer in India. It was really their winter, but in my book 85-95 degree weather means summer.
Anyway I am back to LOVING my retirement! I get all happy when it is 10:00 p.m. and I can choose to stay up or go to bed without setting that alarm clock. I told Roger the other day that I can laze around half the day and then still get more accomplished with the rest of the day than I could when I was continually punching a time clock. That is my number one “good thing” next to being able to travel to see the family in Idaho whenever I want.

I am ready to mail out a third letter about my project, One Handful of Rice. The project has been successful in improving the diet at the orphanage and I want to be able to maintain those improvements. Sometimes it is tempting to become discouraged because feeding 250 people is a big task and the improvements are never enough. But the whole concept of one handful is that every little bit helps. It is never enough, but it is something. So I will continue to do what I can, giving my handful. This weekend I saw little girls underwear on sale and purchased 30 pairs. I noticed that the younger girls clothing is very tattered. They seem to have a “dress up” approach to changing from their school uniforms to what we would call play clothes, but they often look like they need a Mommy to dress them. Nice flowery new underwear is a start.

Today the sun is out and I am looking out in my garden at tiny yellow-green shoots making their way up through the soil. They are heading for the light and for future growth. I guess I’ll keep doing that too, just doing the next thing I see to do and be faithful even if it seems like an awfully small result at this point.


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