Posted by: janpierce | April 15, 2008

One Thing At a Time

Some of my new challenges as a retiree are just beginning to sink in.  I spent all last fall getting ready for our two month trip to India to explore our future there.  Then we did the two months and now I am home and just beginning to feel the “lostness” that most of us feel when we go through a major life change.  I do love not setting the alarm and the freedom of my days, but I also sense the need for structure, goals, and meaning to each day too.  I remember talking to several teacher friends about the same issue and their similar struggles.  They, however, went back to work.  Whoa, I don’t want that!

I attended a women’s retreat at the coast this last weekend and it was another ending time for me.  It was my last event as the coordinator for women’s ministry at our church.  Wow, now I’m really free….or really lost as the case may be.  Time to do some long and short term goal setting. I’m looking at my friendships and realizing that I have time to invest in those now.  And now is the time I can try my hand at the writing that I’ve always thought I could and should do.  I have time to spend with my Mom and with the kids and grandkids. I can take time to read, pray, think and be, but I have to reshape the ways I fit those things together into a whole.  It is vaguely alarming to me to not have parameters established in my schedule.  What is this freedom about anyway?  I am thinking about all the good things I want in my life like a grand buffet and I get to choose which delicacies to put on my plate.  Drat,  what I am realizing is that even my freedom requires me to make thoughtful choices.  So I am trying to start with the basics and then add in just one new thing at a time.  Keep it flexible, stop and check in with myself along the way, and keep being grateful for this new time in life.  The big goal never changes – to live life well, serving God and loving others.



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