Posted by: janpierce | May 19, 2008

Beginnings and Endings

Yesterday I traveled with my friend Debby to Eugene to attend my first ever writer’s conference.  I loved it.  I was surrounded by people who love to play around with words and want to share their ideas with others.  The speakers were great, the seminars informative and I managed to get a very skilled writer to read a couple of devotionals I have written.  It is fun to be learning about a craft I have always wanted to try.  I have been reading and studying and yes, even writing to get this new hobby off the ground.  My goal is to be published, but I also want to use my improved writing skills to continue to share the message of living generously in a big big world.  So I’m spending a lot of time sorting out the important messages related to our times in India and our future work there. 

On the same day Roger attended the celebration held in honor of Mits Iwata’s life. I remember meeting Mits on the occasion of one of Donna’s birthdays.  He and the kids had planned a birthday party for her at their home.  It was my first opportunity to get to know all of them and to see Mits and his devotion to his wife.  Mits was a quiet man and I didn’t have many conversations with him, but rather observed him living his faith and loving his family members day by day through good times and bad.  I am glad he is released from his struggle with cancer, but also share in the sadness of losing him.  Roger was really touched by the testimonies given by friends and especially family.  Mits was loved and was faithful to his God.  Both of us want to be able to leave our lives here with the same reputation of living well for the Lord.  Good job, Mits.


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