Posted by: janpierce | June 6, 2008

Permanent Staycation

I drive by my old place of business daily since it is right around the corner.  Often I think of different teaching friends who are still inside there toiling away.  I am not.  I am having a long-term staycation. Soon summer vacation will be here and all my friends will get a break.  I am glad, it makes me feel less guilty.  Staycations are all the rage these days due to the high price of gas. People are putting up tents in their own backyards, taking in all the sights in their own neck of the woods, etc. and probably having just as much fun as when they drove many miles each day with the kids arguing in the back seat.

We are soon taking a go-vacation to Idaho to celebrate Elijah’s sixth birthday.  Can’t believe he is so grown up.  We are biting the bullet and trying to forget that every 25 miles we drive is another $4.00.  It will be worth it to spend time with the family. 

I have entered the realm of the writer’s world with a lot of enthusiasm.  I spend hours each day trying to fix my grammatical structures and assess markets for my writing style.  I have a lot to learn but I am having a ton of fun. As a confirmed people pleaser I find that waiting for someone else to analyze  my skills is very invigorating (read painful).  I am not patient.  Most submissions sit around for several months before you get any response.  I am even going to be excited when I receive my first rejection.  I will get double points for it at my writer’s critique group.

On a more serious note,

One Handful of Rice is beginning to sponsor the education of some of the orphans who are older and ready for either junior college (our 11th and 12th grades) or undergraduate work.  The poor can attend college without charge for tuition but have to raise money for books, room and board.  They take entrance tests and then wait for a school assignment.  In some cases they have to study whatever subjects their test scores indicate as their strength and all have to attend the school assigned to them.  In any case they are so thankful to be getting a chance at higher education.  If any of you are interested in supporting the college education of a Dayanilayam orphan, please let us know.  We are excited about this new phase of support as it will make such a big difference in lives. 





  1. If you meet any writers who are patient, let me know — maybe I can learn from them! One way to sanity while waiting for a response on a proposal is to work on another idea! I like your thought that the schools’ summer vacation allows us to not feel quite so guilty… although I find I work through summer vacation now, as a “full time” writer.

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