Posted by: janpierce | July 27, 2008

July Come and Gone

This has been a crazy, hectic month, but a good one because the grandkids were here for half of it. We were able to spend some time here at home with them and also a good part of a week at the beach in our little Minnehaha house that we have rented since the kids were little. That little house has seen a lot of Pierce action over the years and has lots of warm growing up memories for Josh and Sara. We had beautiful weather as well. What could be better?

   Some highlights of times with the boys: Benjamin and Jacob walking with me in the park, chasing birds, Benjamin saying hi to everyone (several times each). Jacob learning to rhyme. “Okey dokey artichokey, that whymes!” Elijah reading everything in sight and writing too. He set up a treasure hunt for all of us complete with clues, arrows, and a little pile of candy at the end of the hunt. Boy is he ready for school! He and Sara got to have five days at Tilikum doing day camp and Mom having some alone time.

My Mom turned 86 last April. She looks great and is doing well except for short term memory which, it turns out, makes her vulnerable to being in places without adequate boundaries. She was on a day trip with the assisted living van when she wandered off in downtown Vancouver and was missing for four hours. I told her she nearly got her fifteen minutes of fame since the police were scanning her picture for the evening news when she was found nearly ten blocks from where she had last been seen. That was an experience I don’t want to repeat anytime soon. I have to commend the police and sheriff departments for their professional and kind management of the entire situation.

   Roger had knee surgery on the 9th and it is healing up well. We hope he can begin to get around without pain now. He also got a very bad burn on his right hand and arm with boiling water. That was creepier than the surgery by far. We are both trying to eat a healthier diet and stay ahead of this old age thing.

  We continue to have the conversation about work in India. There is a big push to plant new house churches in Telegana ( ten districts in the Hyderabad area) and the childrens Bible clubs went very well this year. Often churches are formed from the families whose children attended these ten day events in a village. I sometimes wonder why we do VBS here and have so little results when in India a whole village can have a Christian presence after a similar ten day event. I guess we are saturated with Christianity and Christian thinking and it isn’t new and fresh to us as it is there.

  I am missing my women’s prayer group this month and regular church attendance too. I guess when fall comes in America we are all secretly a little bit glad for the regular schedule again. Is that true? Comments???


  I have been writing and enjoying it more all the time. On Monday I leave for Canby and the Oregon Christian Writer’s conference. It amazes me how God provides the right things at the right time in my life. When I was teaching there was no time for the writing, research, and fiddling around with ideas that this new hobby takes. I just love a new challenge in the area of literacy so God gave me this writing thing. Thanks, God!


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