Posted by: janpierce | August 6, 2008

My Name is Jan Pierce and I’m a Freelance Writer

Last week I attended the Oregon Christian Writers coaching conference. The Keynote Speaker was Stephen Bly and he began and ended each of his talks with these words: “My name is Stephen Bly and I’m a paperback writer.”  He was great. He said that if your writing gets bogged down, just kill someone. Of course he writes westerns. I haven’t figured out how to do that in my writing of devotions, but I did come home excited about writing. I also came home very tired. It was a busy and sometimes overwhelming four days, but I learned a lot. I met creative people who truly want to communicate and professionals who want to encourage others to share their words. A pretty neat experience. 

I’ve been thinking about the huge variety of people attending the OCW conference. There was one young man – a big man – probably 6’4″ and weighing in at over 300 pounds. Each day he wore a different kilt outfit. The plaids matched! There was a lady in a wheelchair, probably suffering from MS, there were young and old, mostly women but a lot of courageous men, there were professionals and wannabes and everything in between. Each one of these attendees came to learn how to share a message with readers. Each teaching session was aimed at helping them get published. In the world of writing there is a lot of competition, but I didn’t feel any of that during the conference. It was all geared to support and encourage. I’ll see those people in heaven. I hope there aren’t kilts in heaven.

I’m working on goals for our next trip to India in January or February. I’m still amazed that God has entrusted this work to us. Sometimes it overwhelms me that we have the ability to change some lives by the choices we make with our time and resources here. I feel so grateful to the Lord and to all the people who share their gifts to make that happen. Allison Harper helped me make a cool bookmark with the One Handful of Rice picture on it and a scripture from Proverbs about the blessing of being generous. I will be spending a significant amount of time carefully cutting around each of them (325) as I want the money donated to go to the orphanage, not Lazerquick. Lori Jones is graciously allowing me to give a portion of the sales from a Pampered Chef party to One Handful of Rice also. Each person gives according to the gifts God has put in them. That is so cool.

I’m tired of saying that I’m a retired teacher. So now I’m a freelance writer. I’m also a short term missions person, a wife, Mom and Grandma, a church lady and maybe a few other things. It’s important to have an identity- those are mine in addition to the most important one:  a follower of Jesus.


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