Posted by: janpierce | August 29, 2008


Night before last I sponsored a Pampered Chef party as a fundraiser for One Handful of Rice. It always makes me feel honored to see the good will people have for the orphans. Sometimes we don’t know how to help or the best way to use the resources we have, but when given a clear opportunity, people are generous. It makes me feel grateful to be part of the process–using all we’ve been given ,to in turn, give to others. It’s the pay it forward idea.

Today I went to my prayer group and just spent time talking to the Lord. It is such an oasis in my week. I leave feeling more peaceful, content and, again, honored to be part of God’s family here on earth. Later today we leave to attend the Festival of Tents in Brownsville, OR. It is a gathering of five or six churches from the Willamette Valley and is always a wonderful time of praise, speakers, and time to visit with old friends. I’m grateful for friends, new and old– another of God’s great gifts to us.

I’ve been pursuing my writing projects with a little more energy and perseverance than is my usual style. I don’t know if that’s a function of being in the will of God, or if I’m just getting less shy in my old age. I hope it is the former. I am having fun, that’s for sure.

There has been a hint of fall in the air lately, especially in the mornings. I love fall. It is a time to get back on track with schedules, and it seems like a fresh start. We know we’re heading into winter, a time of holidays and I like to think a cozy time of rest with friends and family. In truth it can get away from us and be a hectic, crazy time, but it shouldn’t be. Anyway, I love fall. I look forward to the changing colors, the pale, beautiful light and crisp mornings and evenings. That’s another thing I’m grateful for–the changing of the seasons and the meaning we find in each of them. What makes you grateful? Time for your comments.



  1. Hi, Jan. You ask, “What makes you grateful?” I have to say – YOU! I can’t tell you what a blessing it was to me last week to have you show up at the set-up of the G&G women’s treasure auction event. You went right to work, sorting through stuff and laying out the silent bid sheets. What a worker! We couldn’t have done it without you. Plus, there’s something just about your presence that always calms me. (Maybe the presence of God in you? 🙂 Anyway, what a dear! Thanks again! ~ love, ang

  2. Thanks, Ang, it was my pleasure.

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