Posted by: janpierce | October 2, 2008

God is in Charge–What a Relief!

I just finished a long conversation with a friend from one of my writer’s critique groups. She works in Russia and Africa and we were comparing notes on our various experiences, frustrations, etc. cross-culturally. Immediately after she left I received an email about the increased persecution in Orissa where Christians are being killed, homes being destroyed and there is a general feeling that Christians are a threat to Hindu practices and beliefs. One of the pastors was spared when he refused to take part in a Hindu puja (ceremony), but another was hacked to death. The one who survived proclaimed that even though his life may be taken, it would only serve to further the kingdom of God. And if the statistics are correct, there are now thousands more believers in Orissa than there were just a few years ago when the persecution was less.

Once again we find that Christianity is an “upside down kingdom”. What the enemy does to destroy is overturned and even used by God. When harm is done to the body, the spirit soars. It was such a good reminder to me that though our feeble attempts to “help” another group of people may fall so far short of our earthly goals, just standing (not retreating) in the kingdom of light puts us in a heavenly realm that for the most part we don’t even see. There is a huge battle going on and we are privileged to be part of it. Would I have the guts to die for my Lord? I think I would. I probably won’t ever be called to do it, but I fervently pray that I’d stand the test. What would I have to lose? What would I gain?

On a day when I am troubled by my efforts, failures, and future in a world I don’t fully understand, I once again remember that God is in control and I am so glad.



  1. I finally took the time to check out your website, Jan, and I find it to be thought provoking and well written. Like you, I am greatly relieved to be learning God is in control. There is nothing too big for Him, nothing unexpected, nothing out of control.

    I think I’m also starting to get what it means to trust in the Lord and not lean on my own understanding. Amazingly, my first response to things now is usually prayer instead of panic. How cool is that?

    The key, I believe, is the sure knowledge that God is good and that He loves me. He loves me because He is love, not because I deserve it. It’s His nature and pleasure to love us humans, and it’s a thrill to know that vast love includes me.

    My problem with trusting God has never been “can He do it?” It’s been “does He really want to?” Now that I’m beginning to believe God is good and benevolent to His children and that He loves me, I’m starting to believe He wants to help me out when I’m in trouble. He wants me to succeed, whatever that means in His kingdom. He wants my love as much as I want His.

    Of course, the Bible confirms this belief. Why didn’t I see or believe it before? No matter, now is what counts, and now I believe it. j

  2. Maybe we could issue “Now I believe it” buttons. It was literally years after I got saved that I really believed the Bible was true. It was the whole literal vs. true thing. God just keeps standing with us. Thanks, June

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