Posted by: janpierce | November 11, 2008

Here’s to Courage

I’ve been reading a great website for women on the mission field called Women of the Harvest. My favorite part of that site is a blog called Coffeegirl Confessions. It is written by a woman on the mission field somewhere Spanish-speaking and it is so insightful. It offers other women around the world in similar circumstances a place to share their experiences, whether they are good or bad, up or down. You know, it is real people on the mission field. They are just like you and me except they have made a commitment to live for Jesus in a different culture. In other words, they have courage. Right now some of them are preparing for Thanksgiving with the weather in the 100’s. Now that just isn’t right. Thanksgiving is supposed to be all orange and leafy red with crisp mornings and the smell of smoke in the air and….. NOPE. When you leave home you leave all those nostalgic things behind. It reminds me of Paul saying he had learned to be content in all circumstances–when there was plenty and when there was not. He could have also mentioned leaving the familiar and comfortable for the….something else.

As we prepare for our next trip to India I am remembering how strange my internal clock acted after the last trip. We had spent January and February in hot weather and came home to the end of winter and the beginning of spring. I never did actually get it straight. I kept thinking, “Okay, I had summer, now it’s about time for fall.” And then summer came again. It was weird and happened in my head many times; a sort of ongoing jet lag I guess.

So here’s to the courageous souls on the mission field. They are living in all kinds of conditions that spell uncomfortable. They are dealing with language barriers, cultural misunderstandings, and they are sometimes homesick for family and friends and the familiar. But they are also satisfied that they are living out a call that makes each day worth all their efforts. I call that courage.



  1. I have just joined Coffeegirl’s blog roll and found you there. I agree, this is a group of courageous women! What a neat way to get to know others serving around the world and find out my struggles are similar to others’!
    God bless. I’ll be back!

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