Posted by: janpierce | November 22, 2008

A Large Container of Words

I ‘m a writer now and so I need to write. Sounds straightforward, but I am realizing that it’s not. I get all excited after I’ve written something, but the self-discipline it takes to sit down and actually DO the writing is another story. I sometimes read the blog done by a Mennonite lady named Dorcas Smucker called Life in the Shoe. She says that she doesn’t enjoy writing, but she enjoys “having written.” I agree. Writing is hard work. I do believe that God has gifted me with an ability with words. I was an early, avid reader, I taught reading and writing for years to little children and I read them thousands of books with lots of enjoyment. Now it’s my turn to use words for other people’s reading pleasure, enlightenment or whatever. The thoughts bubbling around in the pot spill over into little articles on things I know or things I am learning or just things I am thinking about. The purpose is to honor God by giving back to others some of the good things that have been given to me. I am sort of a large container of words and the task is to organize them into something valuable and send them out to others. Just call me the Emeril of words. Or maybe the Rachel Ray of words– she’s smaller. I enjoy it. I am wrapped up in it. Sometimes I’m sort of tortured by it, but still I don’t want to stop.  

I just got my copy of the devotional quarterly, Fruit of the Vine, and sure enough there are my seven devotionals in print with my own name at the bottom. Very cool. But a writer is never done. There are more words stirring around in the pot. I’m pretty sure some of them will spill over onto a page very soon. Bear with me. I need you. A writer isn’t much without a reader. Yikes, the pot is beginning to boil over……………



  1. Have faith, you have readers, keep writing!

  2. Kia kaha!
    That means “stand strong” in Maori. It also means keep at it and you’ll get there.

    I love writing… I love thinking the stories up.. I love planning how to tell the story… I love writing the actual story (though sometimes it’s so painful I may as well be having my teeth pulled), and I love the finished product.
    I think if you don’t love something you won’t stick with it… and writing is one of those things that generally, you need to stick with it to get good at it… so… kia kaha! 🙂

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