Posted by: janpierce | January 15, 2009

Ready or Not, Here I Come!

Monday was officially named Get Out The India Clothes and Try Them On day. Time is ticking away and I leave in eleven days. Time to see if I can get those Salwar Kameez things on my body. No problem with the pants. I could fit my whole family in a pair of those, but the tops for which they studiously measure my body are always too tight EVERY TIME! So I have hauled out the old sewing machine and eased out the seams. Ahhh. Most of them are wearable.
Roger has been in India for nearly three weeks. It is quiet here. Time to get my writing projects done and a few other things around the house. Time to think and pray about the things we hope to accomplish in the way of new relationships on this trip. Every time I go shopping I come home with another thing to give the orphans or Krupal’s little girl. I try to put my head back into the culture, but I won’t really be able to do it until I land in the airport. THAT gets you back into it in a hurry. I keep hoping I won’t tick off one of the guards with the rifles or get in the dignitary line by mistake again. I’m thinking of places to carry the money. Wondering if I stuff it in my shirt will it show when I get scanned? Stuff like that.
I have high hopes that when I come home this time I’ll have a clearer picture of how to proceed with One Handful of Rice. Will it be scholarships, new orphanages, will we be considering living over there part of each year? Time will tell.
I’m excited about the trip. I am constantly amazed with the way God has led us into this new world. It’s a joy and its a little daunting, but whether I’m ready or not, here I go!


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