Posted by: janpierce | January 21, 2009

Scary Stuff

I talked to Roger again last night. He was able to meet one of the most respected Christian men in Hyderabad. His name is Dr. B.E. Vijayam. He is well-known in India for his research and application of self-help projects in agriculture. His son runs a ministry called TENT that teaches young Indian men and women self-sustaining lifestyles. We are excited to get to know them and perhaps work with them in the future.

Here is the scary part. I will arrive in Hyderabad and go to meet these leaders and BOOM, they want me to speak to their women’s conference. Now, I don’t know what the women are gathered for. I don’t know the topics they are being taught about and I don’t have a clue what they would want to hear from me. But if I go, I have to be prepared to get up and bring greetings and a message of some sort. Yikes. This is good for me who would naturally want to hide in the background. I DO have a testimony of how God has worked in my life and I DO have things to share about becoming self-sufficient and how India’s future will depend on that. So now all I need is the guts to speak from my heart and maybe do a little preparation too. I know from past trips how it goes, but I’m always intimidated by it when I return. Time to get tough! You all can think of me and pray for me too. Thanks.



  1. Praying. And I understand the nervousness.

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