Posted by: janpierce | January 30, 2009

Back to India

The trip was a little longer than scheduled due to an emergency landing in Minneapolis. They promised to keep our flight for us in Amsterdam, but didn’t. We ended up in a spectacular airport in Dubai and then on to Hyderabad.

Our first few hours in Hyderabad brought back all the memories. The sights, sounds, smells, all seem familiar now. The new airport in Shamshabad outside Hyderabad is beautiful and so I am beginning to experience the changes in all of India as they build new infrastructure.

Dayanilayam seems familiar as well. The suitcases we left from the last trip are stil under the bed! The kids are so much fun and we are trying to connect with them quickly as our time is short. Tonight we will have a feast andenjoy their dancing and singing. We will try out the rhythm instruments we bought for them. We have distributed the various things donated from underwear to skirts, to bandaids.

Right now Im in the internet cafe trying to type on a very sticky keyboard. Please forgive typos. roger enjoyed haggling for blankets this morning as we were short a few when we visited the old age home yesterday. here is a story for you. One of the old women has a husband who can’t walk anymore, but they still own a piece of land. She lives in fear daily that herhusband may die before her and his brothers and other relatives will come and kill her to get the land. These sorts of things do happen here.

Tomorrow we leave the orphanage and head to Karimnagar to visit friends, interview bible women, speak at churches and schools. Our schedule is busy, but we’re having a great time. You will want to see the video of Sharon eating rice and mutton with her fingers. She is a native Indian so quickly.

pray for safety and health and especially that we discern the things God wants us to see hear and say.

There is great joy in simple things here. the children make up their own games, there are lots of smiles everywhere you look. The children are thrilled if you remember their name or give them a funny one. I am currently calling Salome “Bologna”. Kind of rhymes.

So, we’re back in noisy, hot, confusing and yet wonderful India. More to come.



  1. Wow! It is so amazing that you are there already. Are you travelling with Mike and Sharon? I am reading his blog too. I have 8 kids including my daughter following your travels. Could you keep your eye open for ” nirmal painted pottery” for a picture or two. We wanted to try make some indian style pottery. Any progress on the cots? God bless!

  2. There was an emergency landing in MN?!! Well, I’m glad that you’re there and things are going well. You didn’t mention if you had to speak at the Women’s Conference when you first arrived. Tell Dad hi and I love you guys!

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