Posted by: janpierce | February 1, 2009

Riding the Indian Rails Americano Style

When we left the orphanage we took the train from Jangaon to Peddipally. It was my first train trip in India.  Picture this:  Four very white Americans, ten, count them, TEN pieces of luggage and innocent trusting faces. We actually believed that we would get on an air conditioned car and enjoy a cool two hour ride. We even had two friends who stayed with us to help us carry all the stuff over an overpass and down a very long walkway to our boarding spot.  The train was about half an hour late. No problem. Finally it was coming and zoomed in with a lot of noise.  We were looking for AC on the side of the car. We thought it was toward the front of the train. We headed quickly in that direction with all ten pieces of luggage and, thank God, realized that we’d just better get on. That thing wasn’t going to wait much longer. So we threw all the luggage in and got ourselves in after it, well most of us got in.  Mike was jogging alongside the car with a stricken look on his face. Good thing he is in shape because he was just able to grab hold and board as the train got going in earnest. Then, there we were, four Americanos with red-flushed faces and ten pieces of luggage all blocking the entrance and the aisle. I gamely tried walking down and looked for a seat with two pieces of luggage, realized there weren’t any places I could sit with all that stuff and headed back. A very nice couple patted their seat and moved over so I could sit down. Whew. Roger stayed in the back of the car standing with the luggage so the rest of us could find various niches to sit in. After about an hour Roger had a crowd of guys around him and they were having a great time talking together. I found out the young man next to me was a pastor. Later I sat by a young grad student who had just been to a job interview. He had very clear English and we enjoyed talking throughout the rest of the trip. We saw lots and lots of farmland. Rice paddies, corn, cotton, tobacco, etc. and the workers in the fields. We had the big group of new friends help us know when to get off and they pitched the bags out again for us. Fortunately Uma and her new husband were there to meet us. And that is the story of four Americanos riding the rails in India.



  1. HI Jan,
    Finally got your blog to work with my blog reader, so I can see when you post now. My emails to you have been bouncing. Appreciate your encouragement!

  2. Hi Jan,

    Missing you has finally brought me back to your wonderful blog. You are truly a gifted writer. Your train story is a keeper! Be sure to submit it to a missions mag when you return home.

    I’m glad your feast was a success. I can just picture Sharon on

  3. Got cut off somehow. I’m a techno-boob. I’ll be praying for you all!


  4. Glad Mike made it on board! Whew!

  5. That train ride is sure to make Dad and Mike’s “Shari’s on Mill Plain Top Stories of 2009!”

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