Posted by: janpierce | February 1, 2009

We Had a Feast

Our time at Dayanilayam went by so quickly. In some ways it seemed like we had never left and yet there were many new faces and also some missing ones.  The kids are so much fun. They swarm around wanting their pictures taken and seeing if we can remember their names. It is important to them to be recognized and remembered. We spent a lot of our time there in Jangaon shopping for the feast. Mike and Sharon went to the bazaar with Ruth, the upstairs cook and she helped them to buy fine rice and all the spices to go with it. They also got a lot of vegetables. Then the mutton man came. He hauls in whole goat carcasses and chops them up right in front of you. It is a surreal and smelly process. Roger haggled in town for boxes of apples making both he and the apple man happy. We ordered a gigantic cake for 250 which read “All the Best, Enjoy the feast.” All the best is the greeting given when students are going to take their exams, so it is familiar to them.

When feast time came there was dancing and singing. We passed out the rhythm instruments we had bought in Hyderabad and they were enthusiastically crashed around–tambourines, shakers, rhythm sticks and drums. Some of the older girls knew a dance routine using sticks and they taught it to Sharon and I. It reminded me of some of the Banjara circle dances and it was sweaty fun. When it was time to eat the children all sit in rows opposite one another and separated boys from girls. They also sit according to age. It seems natural for them to do it that way. And then, like all groups of children, it became very quiet as everyone ate the good food. When the last cake crumbs and pieces of candy were gone and everyone was heading off for bed we decided we had enjoyed a perfect feast.


PS  I had goat brains for breakfast the next morning.



  1. Wow, goat brains!! That’s right up there with raw snail. Go mom! 😉

  2. Dancing – great! Maybe we could add this to what you could show us when you come to visit ! I got your email–thank you! I can hardly wait to see some of the pictures.

  3. I loved the idea of the feast! Glad the kids enjoyed it.

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