Posted by: janpierce | February 4, 2009

Bible Women

One of my goals on this trip as to interview some Bible Women. They are women who serve in a variety of roles to spread the gospel. Often they are widows who dedicate the rest of their lives to going from village to village visiting, praying, giving testimony, and telling the gospel of Jesus. I have read about them in my studies, but meeting them has been absolutely amazing. The first one I interviewed lives now at Dayanilayam. She was a pastor’s wife and served for many years in that capacity. She continued to teach and preach until her health failed her. She is a wonderful person who loves the children at the orphanage and enjoys sitting in the courtyard with them.

The second woman we met is a modern day evangelist who comes from a really evil Hindu past full of curses and dedications to gods which ruined the early years of her life. Today, at age 28, she travels on her own and at her own expense from village to village in the Karimnagar district telling anyone who listens about one true God. She has shared the gospel with a certain group of nomadic people who do outdoor circus kinds of acts to support themselves. She has had some success is helping them to understand about a God who loves them and doesn’t want to control them and keep them in fear.

Then yesterday we visited the Cherial Women’s Bible College, two hours from Hyderabad, and I met and interviewed four more elderly Bible Women. They each have their own individual stories, but each one told of a certain verse in the Bible or a particular meeting with the Lord that ended with their total surrender to God and wanting to give their entire lives to that service. They were health workers, Sunday School teachers, outdoor meeting leaders, Childrens Bible school workers and literally spent every day of their lives in preaching and teaching. One lady in particular was so animated when she showed how she used to dance and sing loudly to attract a crowd outside a village so she could tell them about Jesus. It was really fun to talk with them and very humbling too. The Bible College has about 20 students now who are going through a two or three year training in all aspects of the Bible and in evangelistic work. The elderly Bible Women act as teachers and mentors for the young women who are mainly in their early 20’s.These women know that there will not be high paying jobs for them after this training, but have committed to it anyway. I was impressed by their levels of understanding and also their wholehearted dedication.

Let’s go ladies. Let’s get into that same spirit in our communities! Everything to gain and nothing to lose–there is a lot to share about our great big God!



  1. Amen! Wonderful to hear about these Bible women. I’d love to hear more. Are you going to write about them? I think the women here would be inspired to hear of these women and their commitment to the Lord. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Jan, The writers got together for lunch the other day and June reminded me to have a look at your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading all the posts. Blessings on you as you bring blessing and love to the people there.

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