Posted by: janpierce | March 9, 2009


We just got home from a trip to McCall, Idaho where my daughter and family live. It was Jacob’s fourth birthday celebration. It was quite a bash with a Jungle Book cake, video, games and prizes and lots of running around playing tag. My three grandsons are equally wonderful. They each have unique personalities and learn things so quickly that I have to catch up on their new skills each time we visit. In just over two months’ time Elijah learned to ski really well, Jacob learned to whistle and learned his letter sounds and Benjamin is stringing words together into sentences. When I leave I sort of want to tell them not to learn anything new until I get back there again to witness it. Guess that won’t happen. I stand in awe of my daughter and son in law though. They’re in the thick of parenting with a 2, 4 and 6 year old. They are busy with jobs plus all the care and feeding of those three and still find time to plan fun family outings, provide all the guidelines and goals for behavior, model for them a relationship with God and so much more. I leave there thanking God for my own past parenting experiences and for the joys of grandparenting now. I may not be able to be with my family all the time, but I make the most of the times I do have with them. I’m already looking forward to a few days with them at the beach over spring break. Now if only I could get my son to move to the west coast! Are you reading this Josh?


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