Posted by: janpierce | March 18, 2009

Finishing Well

I am in the great Midwest of our country- Kansas and Missouri visiting friends. When Roger was a young man he lived for a time with a wonderful Christian family who took him in and loved him. The Jeffrey family attended the same Baptist church that Roger attended in Pullman. They had five children of their own but made room for Roger too. Marj, the mom of the family also fed him well which went straight to his heart via his stomach. He loved her and she loved him. Marj now lives in Missouri in a nice little home on her daughter’s property where they have cows, horses, chickens, rabbits and all the rest. Roger visits her whenever he comes to this part of the country.
Yesterday we drove out to visit Marj. Did I mention she is now 91 years of age? She wanted us to meet her pastor, so we did that. While we visited together the subject of staying young came up and the pastor mentioned that he and Marj have a running joke about him taking her sledding when the snows come. So, sure enough, several weeks ago there was a sudden snowfall and he gave her a call. “Hey Marj,” he said. It snowed last night. How about going sledding?” Marj answered back, “Oh, that’s all right, I’ve already been down the hill with my great-grandkids this morning.” And she had. Her daughter said she couldn’t watch, but down the hill Marj went with no problems at all and she said it was fun too.
Marj always has a big smile on her face. She is alone a lot, but she doesn’t mind. She said she talks to the Lord all day long and he answers her. She has lived a long time, was able to choose where to live the last years of her life, is near family and church friends and she is content. I hope I finish as well as Marj. What a great example she sets for all of us to just love people, enjoy each day and be satisfied with the lives God has given to us.
I might add that Marj has a tiny feisty streak in her as well. When we were leaving she showed us the b b gun on her porch. She uses it to shoot at the squirrels that eat the food in her bird feeders.
Hey, I have bird feeders. I have squirrels. You’d better check my back deck for a “piece” next time you come to visit me.


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