Posted by: janpierce | March 31, 2009

Family Time and Imago Dei

Two things are on my mind today. The terrific visit from my daughter and her family AND our visit to the Portland Church, Imago Dei. It has been wild and crazy with the family here… in a wonderful way. Once again I’m reminded why God gave babies to young people,the endless energy thing, but in spite of cool and damp spring weather, we’ve had a great time. Each grandson is just right. They are each totally different people with unique personalities. I love that. Yesterday we went letterboxing down by Vancouver Lake and I think that was the highlight of the trip for me. We found the secret hidden boxes and put the stamps in our notebooks. That activity has all the fun of outdoors, clues, orienteering and solving mysteries. What fun!
Last Sunday we visited the Portland church, Imago Dei. I loved it. The second service filled the auditorium of Franklin High School and most of the attendees were youngish- 20’s-30’s. But there were enough gray hairs to make us feel okay being there. The music was low key but wonderful, and the message was very clear. Three days later I still remember it was about reconcilication and how God made the first move toward us. The kids had a good time in their program downstairs too. But the thing I loved the most was the simple addition of beautiful parts to the service. It opened with a poem written and read by a young woman. The poem chronicled her wrestling match with God as she struggled to come to a point of belief. A little later in the service a young man played a piece on the piano that he had written. The lyrics were all about his relationship with God and how they loved one another. The final song was an updated version of Amazing Grace- very compelling beat, but subdued. In the literature given out to visitors I saw that Imago Dei has a strong emphasis on small groups and that some of them are dedicated to people with an artistic calling on their lives. It seems to me that the artistic community often feel they have no place in the church. They did here. Why shouldn’t our places of worship be full of the expressions of creativity that have been given by a creative God?

I loved my week with my family and my visit to Imago Dei.


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