Posted by: janpierce | April 5, 2009

The Spirit is Willing, but the Body…..

Yesterday I pulled a muscle in my back and today I can barely move! I’d like to report that my injury happened in the middle of a tough tennis match, but the truth is that I leaned into a dairy case at Freddie’s to grab a gallon of milk and that was it. Just another reminder of the tenuous nature of our fragile bodies. I hate it. I have things to do–deadlines in writing, a newsletter to get out, tennis games to play and a lot of other things to do and now I’m grounded for a while. To make matters worse my computer crashed yesterday and the “fixers” can’t come until the end of the week. I know I’m supposed to be counting it all joy, but I can’t say that I am. I’m grouchy.

I can just hear Paul saying the same thing. “I just wanted to take a missions trip to do God’s will and, drat, the Holy Spirit said ‘No’.” And to top that off my eyes aren’t working right and I know the Lord could heal me if He wanted to. I’m definitely grouchy.”

Guess not. Time to buck up and redeem the time. Maybe I could sit and read my Bible or pray, or write on PAPER, or………any suggestions? Anyone relate? Anyone?


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