Posted by: janpierce | April 14, 2009

Being the Body

Our good friend and sometimes travel partner to India, Mike Monson, was diagnosed with a brain tumor last week. He has been battling cancer for 12 years, but the tumor still came as a surprise. It was also a surprise to see him get the news, be admitted to the hospital within the hour and then go through a major surgery in just a few days time. The medical world can move when it needs to. Mike came through the surgery with flying colors and looks healthier than ever. Literally hundreds of people around the world prayed for him.

The way people rallied to pray for Mike and the way God’s people have shown their love and care is what I’m pondering today. What a safety net God has given us in His people. Just think of those who go through all sorts of trials with very little support. How sad when God’s plan is that we love and uphold one another. Caring people who will listen and pray are worth their weight in gold. God knows what we need to get through hard times. We need Him and we need each other.


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