Posted by: janpierce | April 23, 2009

Newsletter Coming!

This has been a crazy busy week, but in a good way. I’m making headway on some writing projects, getting our agenda ready for our next India trips and finally mailing out the newsletter from our January-February trip. This time I added pictures and even though they’re small, you’ll get a better feel for the people we visit and work with. Take a good look at the picture of the Bible Women I interviewed. I was able to meet with six of them and they are really remarkable women. Each one has a lifetime of stories of the people who heard about Jesus through their story-telling, prayer and sometimes preaching. Each one has her own story of how she came to know the Lord in the middle of Hindu practices and teachings.

I’m working now on learning how to write grants as there are big projects to tackle in relation to education and scholarships for promising Indian students. Our friends Dhanu and Susie Reddy from Peddipalli are coming next week for a short visit. Dhanu is the correspondent (superintendant) of the Indian Mission School which we visited and were greatly impressed by in February. One of our big projects is building new classrooms for the more than 700 students attending there.

If I’d known how much fun retirement was going to be I’d have done it a lot sooner!


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