Posted by: janpierce | May 31, 2009

Updates on India

My mind is never far from the people we work with in India. Up north in Delhi our friend Rodrick is soon to return from Indonesia. He is a powerful speaker and teacher and much in demand for training in house church leadership.

It is very hot in India now. Usually between 105 and 110 and that makes it very difficult for the poor who live without air conditioned vehicles and homes. Our friends Uma and Sampath who are building a house church ministry in Karimnagar are dealing with health issues ranging from her broken wrist or hand to his back troubles to continual outbreaks of fever for both of them. It is hard for them to get good medical care.

We’re exploring grant writing opportunities to rebuild the Indian Mission School we visited last trip. That is the school in Peddipalli that has between 700 and 800 students enrolled. We’re learning how to write proposals and find the right foundations to work with. It is all a new area for me and I’m amazed how God is showing me one step to take at a time. Recently we met a couple who are the parents of one of Josh’s friends in D.C. and he (David) is a grant writer. He will be able to give me much-needed information as I move forward in learning the ropes of grant writing.

Roger will be going to India with a church group in Ohio at the end of July. He’ll be able to visit many of our people while there.

Nehemiah and Sarah continue to do amazing work in Anantapur and villages around that area. Sarah just had major surgery and we are praying for her speedy recovery.

Some of our financial obligations are soon coming due as we pay tuitions for a new year of school. The hottest summer months are coming to an end in a while and school begins again. We’re planning on gathering a support team of people on this end of things to help us with our ongoing expenses. That is a special challenge in our tough economic times. We’re excited about the way everything falls into place at the right times and we’ll keep on serving over there as long as the way stays open. When everyone gives their “one handful” God’s work gets done.


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