Posted by: janpierce | July 9, 2009

You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Til It’s Gone

That Joni Mitchell song is going through my head as I am rejoicing over the fact that my blog is back online. I missed it while it was gone. Now, what to write about to update everyone on the life of the Pierce clan?

Well, Mr. Elijah turned seven on June 13th. It was a Star Wars party all the way from costumes to cake. Lots of fun to see the boys. It’s never long enough though before we have to leave.

Benjamin, Jacob and Elijah

Benjamin, Jacob and Elijah

Then it was on to Bonanza, Oregon where our friends are building a lovely home in the middle of ranch country. We helped drill holes in tiles of slate for the outside of the home. I like day labor as long as it is not too many days:)

Home then to get ready for Roger’s trip to India and for me to catch up on some writing assignments. I have the Oregon Christian Writers conference at the end of July and also did a series of devotions for Standard Publishing. The take home paper Evangel is holding some pieces also and I am wondering how that process goes. Since they all work 6-12 months out I am hoping I’ll hear that they are actually using the pieces soon. My research on the Bible Women of India has grown into something kind of unwieldy. I think it is the whole history of missions right now. I need to focus!

We are in the middle of building a support team for our work in India. There have been some really encouraging reports about the couples we support and the work they are doing in forming house churches, taking care of widows and orphans and the handicapped. Nehemiah and Sarah have been asked to take another 20-25 children into their care who are now uncared for in various villages.
There is always more to do than resources to do it. Good thing God is very big. We also heard that our little adopted granddaughter, Akanksha and her husband Kalyan are attending a Bible school somewhere near Hyderabad. We are thrilled to hear that news.

Ending with Wimbledon. We have the luxury of watching matches during the day. I go and play my little lady matches and pretend it is the center court. We eat strawberries and cream on the final weekend. Ahhhh, life is good.


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