Posted by: janpierce | July 20, 2009

Resources…who owns them

I’m thinking about resources today and where they come from and how we get them and why we need them, etc. If you could look down on earth from space and just take a big thumb and push things around then maybe the resources in Europe could be spread down to Africa and the ones in America could be smudged over to Asia and people could have what they need.

Meanwhile we need to raise support so we can keep paying for the living expenses of two church planting couples, keep some children in school and so forth. People here are protecting their money because they need to take care of their own families and futures. Our standard of living is higher, but if we can’t see the lifestyle of someone poorer, it doesn’t really affect us much. My problem is that I have seen and I do know and I agonize over it. But here’s the good thing. God sees it all. He knows that some people fast for a day or two at a time because there isn’t any work and no money for rice. He knows that I ate potato salad and chocolate cake twice yesterday. He knows we need money to fly to India to encourage the workers, he knows that Uma and Sampath need money for everything and don’t have enough. He knows it all.

If I could I would take my thumb and spread all the stuff around evenly. I guess that would hurt us a little. I wouldn’t like to eat rice every day and no chocolate cake ever, but I’d do it anyway.


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