Posted by: janpierce | July 27, 2009

The Key to Success

No, this isn’t an infomercial. I’ve been thinking about what makes the work in India successful. How do we measure the work our three church planting couples are doing? How to measure the value of educating five children and helping to feed hundreds?

In the old mission days they judged success in number of converts, baptisms, the size of new congregations, and I think that sometimes we fall back on using those numbers as well. It’s easy to count those things.

But when I really ask myself what I should be using as a measure I come up with this: How closely are we aligning ourselves with the work God is already doing there? All the money, time and effort in the world won’t accomplish a thing in God’s economy if we aren’t doing the things He is doing. It’s His plan that will prevail and it’s our job to seek it, find it and get on board with it.

God is blessing house churches in India. He is showing us that Indian people need to build their own ministries and become self-sufficient. And meanwhile it is always in God’s plan to offer the cool drink of water.

Roger left at noon today for three weeks in India. He will meet the rest of his team in Amsterdam, fly on to Delhi where they’ll stay with Rodrick for a few days. And then on down to Hyderabad to visit Operation Mobilization, a huge nation-wide work, and also some of the people we know doing smaller ministries. They wil visit Nehemiah and Sarah Naik in Anantapur. Sampath and Uma Kumar and Krupal and Richie Dev will probably travel into Hyderabad to see Roger as his time will be limited. We hope that Roger can look up Akanksha, our adopted granddaughter as we’ve heard she and her new husband are in school somewhere in Hyderabad.

Please pray for this trip and that plans will fall into place for our support team as we get ready for the big trip next November and December. Pray that we’ll be focused and quick to see the things God is asking us to do.


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