Posted by: janpierce | July 31, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

I just returned from a four day  Oregon Christian Writer’s  conference in Canby, OR. Can you believe that the one week we get triple digit weather is when I have to sleep in a second floor dorm room with no A/C? But in spite of that it was a wonderful conference.

OCW is consistently praised for turning out good writers. I think part of the reason is this excellent teaching, coaching and sharing conference where each writer from the rawest beginner to the long-time pro is welcomed and encouraged. It is an opportunity to submit your best work, have it critiqued by multiple experts and  listen to good teaching on quality writing. There is an atmosphere of cooperation and encouragement rather than competition although there isn’t any question that every single person there wants to be published. The main speaker was Lisa Samson who is quite the little mover and shaker when it comes to speaking to the relevance of today’s church. I enjoyed her messages and now I guess I should read some of her books.

One of the things God is doing with us is bringing us to wholeness. For me, I like to think that my writing and my work in India will overlap at least part of the time. My coaching group liked my project on Bible Women and I got the direction I needed to continue work on that topic. I came home exhausted, overloaded, extremely HOT, but also exhilarated by being in the company of so many literary experts.

Long-time OCW members and instructors at this conference, David and Helen Haidle write children’s books and have a ministry called Seed Faith Books.. They donated several hundred books (minibooks on Psalm 23, Psalm 139 and creation) for me to take to India this fall.  I’m praising God for His people! Check out their work at



  1. Hot Hot Hot is right. I’m glad you still enjoyed the writer’s conference. Mike and I went to the coast Wednesday where the high was 68 degrees! Have you heard from Roger yet?

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