Posted by: janpierce | August 25, 2009

August Potpourri

I spent a week in Rome the first week of August. I wish. Actually I taught Vacation Bible School and my part was to be a member of the underground church in Rome where Paul was a nearby prisoner. It was fun and the kids seemed to be able to suspend belief and enter into the danger of the situation. My two oldest grandsons were able to attend for several days and especially enjoyed the “chariot races” during game time.

Then it was a nice stretch of days at the beach. We stayed at a beautiful home in Cape Meares and built forts to our heart’s content. I don’t think there is a more satisfying thing in the world to do than to play on the beach. Even stuffy old fogey business types will play at the beach. Dogs run, pantlegs are rolled up, kites are manhandled, kids and seagulls squeal–it’s just the best.

Then I flew back to Washington D.C. to visit Josh and meet up with Roger coming home from a month in India. He saw most of our friends while escorting a team from Apex Church in Ohio. Now we are in the process of taking a good long look at all we are doing there and trying to streamline all the efforts. It is a continuing challenge to discern the call and spend our efforts and dollars wisely. We spent four relaxing days with Josh and Kavita. We saw the documentary, Yoo Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg by Aviva Kempner. Kavita is her office manager. The Q and A time was interesting and drew a nice crowd at an old non-profit theater in the city. D.C. is hot and muggy this time of year, but we spent a lot of time in A/C.

Now home to get some work done! Having a fundraising Pampered Chef dinner soon and sending out a letter too. God owns all the money, I keep telling myself.

I’m looking forward to having Marion Duckworth speak at our critique group meeting coming up soon. She’ll be talking about setting writing goals and I need to hear about that.

I saw an old friend, a teacher who is still working full time and tried to explain my retired life. It is a combination of writing and India and it is interesting to see how those two entities are intersecting.


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