Posted by: janpierce | September 3, 2009


Tonight I’m having a Pampered Chef party as a fundraiser for One Handful of Rice. It seems that the people of India still need to eat and go to school and hear about Jesus whether we are in a recession or not. I struggle with the needs vs. the giving sometimes. How generous are we when it means giving up something we want? I’m speaking to myself as well as you.

There is good news coming from India. The Gospel has begun to spread in a tribal group called the Buduga Jangam. This is the group our adopted granddaughter and her new husband come from. We are praying about focusing our ministry more on this group. Could this be the way God is leading?

Our next trip is only about six weeks away. I will be teaching at TENT ministries to a group of fifteen women. I will teach Bible Study methods for two weeks–three hours a day, six days a week. I’m both excited and also wondering if I’ll be able to teach them anything new. These are women in leadership, so we’ll see. From previous teaching experience in India, I know that I’ll need to be flexible and willing to learn new ways of communicating. Even my American accent will be a challenge for them.

I also want to visit all the friends we support, the children we are sending to English schools and my Bible Women in Cherial and Peddipalli. I want to revisit all of the Bible Women and continue to glean the stories of their lives in service to God.

Doors continue to open in my freelance writing. I love how the writing and the India work come together from time to time. I feel very blessed in this time of my life to have meaningful challenges and “good works” to do.

Pray for us as we build a support team to pray for us regularly and support our travel and our workers in India.


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