Posted by: janpierce | September 20, 2009

Teams India Needs a Team!

We just spent the past week writing and mailing a letter, our latest effort at building a home team to support our work in India. We’ve combined our church planting work (10-40 Teams) and our practical efforts; food, education and self-sufficiency projects (One Handful of Rice) under a new “umbrella”— Teams India. It is still the same work, but the focus will be on the three couples we work with most closely and through whom most of the practical projects are being done. As in all good work, it is necessary to pare down and refocus from time to time.

What does a team mean to us? It means a lot. It means partners here at home who care about the poor and about sharing Jesus with them. It means people who trust our commitment and our endeavors without ever seeing them firsthand. It means friends who continue to share their time and efforts in prayer and those who share financial gifts out of a desire to live generously in this needy world. We are already praying for the team God is forming. If you have been giving to support an orphan or to feed them, you are already part of the team. If you have given financial gifts in the past, we count you as valued team members. If you are praying for us you are “on the team.” We hope to gather from time to time to let you know the latest news about all the great things happening in India. People there are regularly learning for the first time about a God who loves them and they’re receiving Him in baptism. Children are in good schools and receiving an education that gives them a future. Young women are receiving Bible training and learning the skills of tailoring. Our gift of a sewing machine upon their graduation ensures that they will be able to support themselves as they work in church ministries. There are new people groups opening up to the Gospel. God has placed us in the middle of all these modern day miracles and we are so blessed to take part. Thank you to each one of you who is already part of the team and for those of you considering joining, please know that you are warmly invited to join the “family”. It’s always exciting to see what God is doing and to grab His hand, then hang on for the ride!

We leave October 19th for our next trip and return home just before Thanksgiving. Are you with us?


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