Posted by: janpierce | October 14, 2009

On the Road Again

We leave Monday the 19th for five weeks in India. We both look forward to getting on the plane and being done with the “lists” we’re scurrying around to complete. We’ll see Rodrick in Delhi first. He recently took in ten orphans who were living in a shelter of sorts and who will eventually be taken in by leaders in his ministry. They are ten lucky children who will get a good education and be raised in secure Christian families.

Then we’ll go down to Hyderabad and on to Kurnool where there was significant damage due to flooding. We’ll meet up with Nehemiah and visit the school where his daughters, Sofia and Preethi attend. It is a Montessori school although it is nothing like the Montessori schools here. The school has an excellent reputation, however, and the girls are learning well there. They even get the benefit of physical education and after-school clubs, something most poor children only dream about.
Then we will go to Dayanilayam and visit the children and our friends there. We will probably buy an orange or apple for each child which is a big treat. On to Warangal where we will visit Krupal and Richie, then up to Peddapalli to see Uma and Sampath and visit the Indian Mission School. It is that school that still needs to be rebuilt as the roofs of the classrooms are fallen in. There are 750 students studying in these rooms.

After that we go to Cherial and the Women’s Bible School where I will re-interview some of the Bible Women I talked with on the last trip. And from there it’s back to Hyderabad and on to the TENT compound where I’ll teach Bible Study Methods to a group of 15 women from November 9th – 21st. We will also have a chance to visit our granddaughter, Akanksha and Kalyan, her husband. They are attending school close by the TENT compound. I have prepared lots of lessons to teach the women, fully aware that most of them may have to be changed on the spot.

With each day we get more excited and eager to see our friends in India. Teams India is focusing on the three church-planting couples we love and support. We look forward to hearing their reports about their meetings, new believers, and all that they are doing. We expect the effects of first the drought and then the flooding to be evident all over Andhra Pradesh. When you think about us please pray for health and safety and for effective oversight of the ministry. Pray that we will see to the needs of the people within the means we’ve been given and with God’s wisdom.

Jesus said that whoever gives a drink of cool water to one of the poor has served Him. We go to India again with the deep desire to serve Him well.


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