Posted by: janpierce | October 27, 2009


Most of you know by now that after an uneventful trip to Delhi I took a nasty fall on our first day here. We are at Rodrick Gilbert’s training center where they are taking good care of me. It will be a week tomorrow since the accident and I am able to roam around the building very carefully. If you are old enough to remember the old Carol Burnett show and Tim Conway’s little old man sketches, you will have a picture of me moving. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. Do you remember the old telephone game where people pass on a message around a circle? It never gets there correctly. Well my story has been told in several versions too. In Ohio they thought I hit my head and my daughter who got the message while asleep thought I’d fallen out of a three-story building! Here is the straight truth: I had taken a shower, gotten dressed and was returning to comb my hair and as I stepped back out of the doorway my foot slipped on a little puddle of water (on the marble step) and I landed on my right elbow and hip. I remember it happening too fast to try to catch myself and also the vivid pain as I landed. I got up, got that buzzy, ear-ringing feeling when you are going to faint and went down again. Up a second time, saw a bunch of blood and decided I’d better figure out where it had come from. So I stood up and looked in the mirror, saw it was my elbow and then fainted on the bed. Got up a third time and went down again. Then my brain decided that if I wanted help I’d better gather myself and go call for it. Luckily Roger was near enough to hear me. So they got me all fixed up with pain meds and muscle relaxers. The first few days were pretty awful. I had an MRI and CT scan and for 24 hours we thought I had a slipped disc and was to be on bed rest for several weeks. That thought was pretty scary because I couldnt find a way to be comfortable in bed. When the specialist read the tests he said I am just bruised and will be fine in a week or so. I am going today to have the elbow stitched as it isn’t healing up properly. I feel much better but our trip schedule is all a mess. I think we will fly to Hyderabad in a few days and then meet with people in town rather than visiting them in their homes. I feel fortunate to be able to keep my commitment to  teach at TENT.
Lots to process after the months of planning, but we have a God who knows all and we are just thankful for good friends and a safe place to recuperate. Thanks to all of you for praying and caring.

By the way my care included three home visits from two doctors and a nurse and an ambulance van ride today to redress my elbow and all of that was free. We only paid for our medications and they were only about $20. The CT scan and MRI cost $150.  The last doctor visited with us and treated us like old friends.  Who knows, he may visit us in Vancouver as he has a brother in the states!!  Just before we left for the trip we found out our medical co-pays are doubling next January, hmmm health care reform?



  1. So sorry. That sounds very painful and disappointing. Praying for you today. Rest, recover, and get well. At least you should have good weather for it!

  2. God is do good to me. He didn’t let ME hear you had fallen out of a 3-story building! Poor Sara. What a relief it must have been for her to find out you ONLY bruised your back and cut your elbow to the bone.
    Seriously, we are still praying for you. Hope the stitches get the elbow to heal up. You don’t need any infections. Still praying you will be able to do you TENT teaching, too.
    Tell Roger. “Hi” for me. God bless you.

  3. Oh, Jan Mike told me what happened to you. I prayed that evening before going to sleep. It is good to hear you are improving. Keep the faith, Baby! Luv Ya, Sharon

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