Posted by: janpierce | October 28, 2009

Today in Delhi

It was Diwali here in India just before we arrived. There are still lights strung around buildings, greetings posted, “Happy Divali from Dr. Pandit”, and at night some stray leftover fireworks.

I took my usual tour of the roof this morning. It never ceases to amaze me that there is so much to see from up there. Today I just sat down to enjoy the sunshine when a young man took two small catfish out of a tank, placed them in a round tin pan and proceeded to hose them off. Then he left them to die and later took them somewhere. I am expecting to see fish on the table soon. Then as I was watching all the construction work I observed a work crew for a time. They are laying brick as they add a new story to a building across the way. One man is down on his haunches and his job is to keep the cement mixed in a small metal pan and pass it along to the others. He gets out a plumb line once in a while and holds it up. I was on the roof for about 45 minutes and he stayed in that position all that time. I guess the economy is better in Delhi now and many homes are adding a new level. After the brick is cured they will cover it with a layer of stucco or something like that and paint over it.
Then I watched a woman climb out onto her rooftop with a 6-8 inch tall metal pot. She raised the pot up over her head, slowly poured out the liquid inside and then made some sort of sign with her hands. I suppose it was an offering to a Hindu god. Then my eyes caught a glimpse of a long ponytail of hair flicking out of a doorway on the ground floor. I was thinking of a young woman grooming herself, but it turned out to be the tail of a cow. Maybe it is one of the wandering cows, or maybe someone keeps a cow for milk.

I feel pretty spry today. I am sleeping now which I didn’t do for the first week. I even took a nap yesterday and those of you who know me well know that seldom happens. I still have pain, but so much less it isn’t important. I was so humbled by the literally hundreds of people praying for me. I think Roger called everyone we know. He was a wonderful nursemaid by the way. I can’t tell you how much it means to have that loving care when you really need it. I think I scared him half to death!

We fly to Hyderabad on Saturday morning. I’m looking forward to seeing friends, if only briefly. I am tired of sitting still and reading. I am able to do a little work on computers around here, even editing a piece for Evangel that they want revised for 2010. We may venture out on the streets a little later. I know the four walls of our room intimately.

During the darkest day of my injury I realized that out of desperation and need there was a door to God open in a way I don’t usually experience. I guess there are some good things gained from going through such an experience.



  1. So glad to hear you are recovering. I got home Tuesday about 7:30 pm Boy was it cold I could see my breath and it was a little windy. I am getting use to it being 40 degrees cooler. What a nice visit I had with my mom and sister.

  2. Wonderful to read your commentary, Jan. I’d like to know lots more about that “door to God” on your darkest day. Glad you’re doing better! love, ang

    • I jotted down some notes yesterday about my experience in that third floor room in Delhi. The worst part was the middle of the night when I was in too much pain to sleep, but didn’t want to wake Roger. It was really torture. I only could last until 6:00 a.m. and then I needed help to get up to visit the bathroom! I just know that as I cried out to God I experienced something like a new opening to nearness and dependence on God. I was really at peace although I was desperate at the same time. I know it doesn’t make sense, but everything was in a mess yet I knew I was safe ultimately. I felt like a stranger in a strange land, which I was, but I knew that I would be cared for and would be okay even if I had a serious injury. There was a 24 hour period where one doctor thought I had a slipped disc and I was going to be bedridden for two to three weeks. That was sobering. I sat up in the chair during the day, but couldn’t move without pain. Several times I stacked up pillows on my lap and tried to rest leaning forward on them. It was not fun. But looking back on that door thing I believe it was real and represented my desperation and my calling on the name of the Lord—a high tower where we run inside and are saved.

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