Posted by: janpierce | October 29, 2009

Better Each Day

I slept for nine hours last night. Definitely on the mend. The second team from Seattle arrived home this morning after an all-night train ride from Lucknow. We had a nice breakfast with them as they told of the baptisms done up there in the training center at Lachimpur. The candidates are from the Ansari group. Earlier this week there were a group of people baptized here from Central Delhi. They have been well-trained in the meaning. Roger spoke to them about his own baptism experiences and they understood everything. The people from Central Delhi arrived standing in the back bed of a truck. About fifty of them!  It reminded me of the pictures we have seen of the Jews being transported in cattle cars to Auschwitz, but in this case the people were finding life rather than losing it. They were joyful and upbeat. The day was a celebration for them with a meal on the roof afterward.

We have our tickets for Hyderabad on Saturday. We’ll begin to see some of the friends who have been waiting for us. Short visits are better than none at all.

Rodrick has taken in a group of orphans and we enjoy playing with them. Roger was taking the boys to the little local store for ice cream last night, but didn’t tell them where they were going. They went follow the leader style, marching, skipping and being goofballs. Just as Roger was rounding a corner he ran into three businessmen and felt a little foolish. But they had their ice cream and it was a big deal for the boys. They are so happy to have a nice place to live, be in school and have clothes, food and all their needs met. Some of them may be adopted by families later on.

We did a little shopping today in the neighborhood where we are staying. Roger has friends all up and down the streets. He stopped at his infamous barber shop to have a trim so he can get the accompanying massage. No dyes this time, Mama was here to watch over things!



  1. Sounds so much like Roger…we miss you so much right now, but know that God has his hand on you. Thankfully to him there is no distance or time. See you soon.

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