Posted by: janpierce | October 31, 2009


We left Delhi this morning a mere eleven days later than we planned. We did have a little hitch in that we went to the international airport as our ticket said and needed to be at the domestic one. We still made our flight in time. Our friend Rao was waiting for us at the Heritage. Always good to see old friends. We will have breakfast at his home tomorrow morning. I am feeling pretty good although I sneezed the other day and that was a mistake! Just sore now. Roger has been having some back troubles too–seems our bodies are telling us that these trips are not for the faint of heart.

Nehemiah will come to be with us and meet with Krupal on Monday. Uma is in the hospital again and needs prayers as she is having problems with her pregnancy. We hope to see her, but may have to travel to Peddapalli to do it.

Last night one of the orphan boys that Rodrick has taken in had a birthday. Roger had bought baseball caps and potato chips for all the boys and I had lotions and soaps for all the girls. Neetu bought Sandeep a cake and a new shirt and pants. We had a party. I’m sure it was the first time in his 14 years that he celebrated like that. We were there long enough to become attached to the children. Rodrick and Neetu’s little baby, Avijit, is just the cutest thing. He always has someone holding him.

The next few days will be full of meetings and then soon I’ll be out at TENT trying to get the lay of the land. Hopefully I won’t scare myself to death trying to find ways to communicate well. Appreciate your comments, we know you are keeping track of us.



  1. Missing you…glad you are now on your way. You will do a great job teaching, it is one of your gifts from God. Have confidence and courage…no faint hearts allowed.

    • Okay, no faint hearts. Feeling much better and trying to immerse myself in things here. Want to give all I have for the next few weeks. Love you and continue to pray for the whole family.

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