Posted by: janpierce | November 3, 2009

Making Up for Lost Time

We are busily meeting with the people we missed seeing last week. We had a very long train trip from Secunderabad to Peddapalli yesterday where we met with Uma and Sampath. She has been ill and we have been worried about her pregnancy, but she seemed fine yesterday. Nehemiah traveled with us which makes the whole experience feel safer and easier. We actually found the A/C car. Secret: look for darkened windows. Who knew?

Some of the things we see in India still become burned into my mind: a man laying in the street on the way to the Delhi airport. I’ll never know if he was drunk or dead. The way his limbs were lying it seemed he was dead. No one was paying any attention. Three little children, filthy, no adult with them crying in a little phone area. People passed them on all sides. What could be done for them? A man crawling to the train on hands and knees. His knees “”walking” on that hard cement. So much misery and despair. I think if I lived here all the time I would understand better how people access help and who really needs help. It’s hard to see though.

Today we met with Krupal and his family. Their little girl, Rachel is two now and no longer a baby. Krupal will work with Nehemiah and Sampath will also, to continue to build house church networks.

I was reading the newspaper yesterday and looking at the marriage ads. In many of them it advertises the caste and adds the word “wheatly” or sometimes “fair”. These are ways of saying their daughter is not dark-skinned which is seen as less attractive. They would laugh at us paying to go to tanning booths to get darker.

On the train trip yesterday I saw that it was harvest time for both cotton and some kind of grain. I don’t think it was rice, but I’m not sure. The grain was all cut and in the middle of each field there was a round area where the threshing had been done. The grain was lying there in piles and women were filling pans of grain, dumping them in the bed of trucks and then it was hauled away. They have tractors in some places, but still do so much work by hand. It was beautiful to watch.

This afternoon we will have a visit with our adopted granddaughter and her husband and then tomorrow morning we will drive an hour and a half to Cherial where I will meet with the girls of the Bible School and then interview some of the Bible women. After that we drive another hour or so to TENT, the training center where I will spend the rest of our trip. All prayers for successful teaching will be appreciated.

I am feeling fine now, just sore and trying not to sneeze which still hurts. I’m looking forward to being in one place and not having to cross through the traffic as we do here in Hyderabad. If I were a cat I’d have used up about 8 of my lives from sheer panic as I walk through the cars, motorcycles and pedicabs!


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