Posted by: janpierce | November 5, 2009

Relationships— no accidents

As we continue to meet with our friends in India I have been thinking about the relationships we form and how they come about. We all know God is in control of everything, but we often think that our friendships are just accidental crossings of paths. Our Hindu friend, Rao has us over to his humble home every time we are in Hyderabad. If we can’t go to his place, he packs up food in the layered metal dishes they use and brings it to us in the hotel. His wife has made clothing for Sharon and I and they never fail to help us in any way possible. We pray for Rao and his wife, daughter and nephew and they, we just learned, go to Hindu temples and pray for us. May the God of all be revealed to them. We love them.

We had a wonderful visit with Akanksha, her husband Kalyan (recently baptised and now known as Thomas) and Akanksha’s cousin, Onesimus. They are all from the Buduga Jangam people and we see God beginning a work in that group through house church plants. Our good friend, Nehemiah, though a Banjara (Gypsy) has a strong ministry to Buduga Jangam people in his area and is interested in reaching out to that same group in other places. Thinking back on the way we adopted Akanksha those years ago, losing her when she married, finding her again, and now seeing her in Bible school, we marvel at the way God works.

Yesterday we got up early, checked out of our hotel and drove to Cherial, about 140 km. away. We met with the girls who live and train there in Bible and all ways of serving the church, and I interviewed six Bible women. I had seen five of them before, so got more of their stories. I also interviewed the lady who was my translator as she has a very interesting story of ministry to Banjara people when she was a young woman of 17. We spent the whole day there and were blessed and exhausted when we left in the evening. We drove the several hours back to the TENT facility outside of Hyderabad and fell into our new bed there. We have amazing facilities here, large clean room, bathroom, the whole enchilada as they say. Of course there is the usual wildlife to contend with— lizards, bugs and frogs, plus a spider the “size of New York” as I screamed to Roger. I did my first teaching this morning as the wife of the director, Mary Vijayam is ill. I had to dive in early and it went fine. We will probably be here and make day trips out when I’m not teaching. The girls are very sweet. They range in age from 15 to one lady who is 54. They are speaking up quite well and are a joy to work with. I may not teach as much as I thought as they are at the end of their term and have their strategic action plans to finish plus various other guest speakers. But I will be ready “in season and out” and just dive in when they say it’s time. Indian time, you know.

Our time is flying by. It is in the low 90’s and very humid here. It is their winter. Today is cloudy and windy so it’s not too bad. There is no A/C here, but the fans work well. I’m nearly as good as new although yesterday there was a seatbelt in the car (amazing in itself) and it hurt to have it buckled up against my side.

Looking forward to returning home to our winter holidays and family. Love to everyone back home. See you in a few weeks.



  1. Jan, you’ve been so faithful to write throughout your travels & it is all amazing to read. I’m leaving a comment under “Relationships – no accidents” because this is my favorite piece you’ve written. It is mind opening to think about how God is always working to advance His Kingdom, and how we are intertwined to encourage & pray for each other. I’ve been faithfully praying for you both, will continue to rally the troops here to pray too, & am grateful for my relationship with the both of you. God is Good, ALL of the time! Love you lots, Debby

    • I’ll continue to pray for 7 hours of sleep for you each night. I feel that God wants you to honor your little body. I am having an absolutely wonderful time with these women. I bonded with them from the very first day. The schedule here is constantly in flux or the other option is that I don’t understand how they make those schedules. I am teaching something each day, but am not going to be able to get through all I planned. That is not a big problem– I have plenty ready to go whenever they give me the time. The women eat up any attention I give them and they are fiercely dedicated to the ministries they will return to in just two weeks. We get to be here for their commissioning service–I look forward to it. Love you, Jan

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