Posted by: janpierce | November 6, 2009

Halfback is our Mascot

TENT is an amazing training center about 15 km from Hyderabad. It feels like being out on a farm somewhere in the midwest with weather to match. It is in the low 90’s and very humid. The last few days have been cloudy with a little bit of wind which helps keep us cooler. Halfback is a little lizard who lives on our wall and hunts in the evenings. He somehow lost his tail and it is slowly growing back–thus his nickname, Halfback.  We like him better than the huge spiders.

Today I attended a devotional teaching by an elderly man named P.George. He is a retired English professor from Osmania University in Hyderabad and a long-time personal friend of the director here, Dr. Vijayam. He spoke about Mary of Bethany pouring out her love for Jesus by breaking the alabaster jar filled with expensive perfume. He went on to talk about other people who have sacrificed in the same way and how Jesus finds that personal sacrifice very pleasing. Mother Teresa, Watchman Nee, Jim Elliott, and more. It was a very peaceful and powerful teaching. The girls were riveted to it. Later I sat in on a three hour class on communication across cultures. It was hot and sticky in the room and the material was college level, but the girls hung in there. They are just a few weeks from leaving this place to return home and put into practice all they have learned. They have researched the people groups of their home areas, and have five year plans in place to begin ministry when they go. One of the girls is from Orissa where the persecution has been so devastating. She lost most of her family including her parents last year in the killings. She is going back to help believers who are in hiding and who are too afraid to profess Christ anymore. I will interview her before I come home.  Their plans include practical business projects which they can share with women at home. That will provide help to their neighbors and give them opportunities to share their faith as well.

Roger went into town this morning to get cooler pants to wear. His “knickers” are not acceptable in the formal class and church settings. We’re having a good time. We’ll go off campus several times to visit people and to go to the orphanage for a day or so. Lots of people we’ve already seen want us to come back, but I think our time will fly away quickly. It’s hard to believe that at home it is approaching the winter holiday season as it is so hot and humid here.

Right now the dhobi (clothes washer) is pounding away at our clothes. Well go rescue them from the roof later on. I’ll tell you this: clothes really know they’ve been through something when the dhobi gets through with them! Now I’ll go and see who is free to talk with me and maybe give some more crochet lessons. There is time to read and write too. I want to start working on the Bible women stories while they are fresh in my mind.

Send us some comments to let us know you’re with us! We’re praying for Marc and Ted as they get ready for their trip to Sierra Leone. They’ll also plunge into another world as we are now. Nothing like it!


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